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KPS Travels Sdn. Bhd.
Wisma K. P. S., No. 22, Jalan Yeo Guan Hub, Off Jalan Tengku Kelana,
Klang .
03-3373 3007  03-3373 3022   

MJH Travel Shoppe Sdn. Bhd
No.55A, First Floor, Jalan Tengku Kelana,
Klang Selangor.
012-2510669    Nil

Smr Travel Mart Sdn. Bhd.
17A, 1st Floor, Lorong Tingkat, Off Jalan Istana / Jalan Tengku Kelana,
Klang .
Manoharan Radhakrishnan : 012-3375 050   

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